Break a Leg

Encaustic, Oil, PanPastel, and Graphite
51"w x 63"h (framed)
Steel frame

The Wishbone piece idea began one holiday season a few years ago when I was going through some decorations and came across the wishbone my grandfather had saved and labeled from my first Thanksgiving. I was born two days after Thanksgiving and my wonderful Grandfather saved the wishbone from the family turkey that year, dried it and then wrapped it in foil and wrote a small note that read, Janie’s first Thanksgiving. The wishbone then became an ornament for the Christmas tree every year until he sent it to me. I have carried on the tradition with my own kids. But, after 60 years the foil on my ornament began to unravel, revealing the exposed wishbone underneath, which I had never actually seen before. I removed all the foil and was rather amazed by what I saw. The bone was intact and resembled the legs of a dancer. Eventually, I came up with the thought of having the wishbone seeing its reflection in the mirror for a painting, and instead of seeing a 60-year-old aged bone; it saw itself ready to the dance.

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