Beach Swing

Encaustic, Oil, PanPastel, and Graphite
48”w x 60”h (unframed)
51"w x 63"h (framed)
Steel frame

This piece was inspired by my grandson John swinging on a beach near seaside, Oregon. That day the winds started to pick up and hints of a storm were brewing in the distance. However, John was unafraid and continued to swing happily, absorbed by his own imagination, fearlessness, and joy. Instead of storming clouds, I imagined John seeing shapes, such as a horse, bunny, fish, balloons, and others. Thematically, this piece illustrates the freedom that comes from innocence—allowing you to live in the moment without the fear of what might come. I also wanted to make the painting appear like an old snapshot to represent the timelessness of these treasured moments.

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